Printing specialists praised after helping promote foster parenting

December 9, 2010 by  

Lancashire county council recently partnered with other local authorities in the North West of England to raise awareness of the increased need for foster parents in the region. The multi-channel marketing campaign encompassed radio, digital, social media and print to generated over 750 new enquiries into becoming a foster carer, with almost 200 of these being in the Print company in Preston printing services Preston and Lancashire area. This is being heralded as a huge success and local Print company in printing companies in Preston printing services printing companies in Preston are most certainly in part to thank for their involvement in the campaign. As well as being involved in public sector campaigns like the ‘You Can Foster’ initiative, local Print company in print companies printing services print companies in the Preston area are often called on by the businesses of the region to help promote the goods and services that they offer. By working with companies to build up a solid portfolio of proven print successes, local Print company in printing printing services printing firms are able to secure larger projects like the ‘You Can Foster’ campaign.

Despite the success of ‘You Can Foster’, organisers and sponsors are keen to push this message further and have used services like Print company in brochure printing printing services brochure printing to promote this to Preston businesses as well as marketing the idea to individuals using Print company in flyer printing printing services flyer printing. Preston residents are showing a positive response to above the line print communications, especially when targeted with a charitable or humanistic message. This approach is set to be built upon by the organisers of ‘You Can Foster’ and the campaign is expected to ramp up to create an even bigger impact next year.