Charity ‘superstore’ shop opens in Kings Lynn

April 26, 2012 by  

An out of town superstore has opened at a Print company in Kings Lynn printing services Kings Lynn retail park, but it is not the usual chain shop one might expect – this is a supersized charity shop and we can expect to see more of them according to recent reports.

Sue Ryder, the Cancer charity, has a long history in operating charity shops. However, of late, the organisation has taken the decision to focus its retail efforts on out of town charity superstores, based in popular retail parks across the country.

The latest offering is at a retail park in Kings Lynn. The new superstores come in the wake of various insights that show people are looking for bargains more and more as the economic situation remains bleak. Sue Ryder also aim to give customers more options when it comes to leaving donations for shops, and the superstores factor into this with longer opening hours than many high street shops.

Sue Ryder is a charity that often appeals for donations using posters or flyers that are created using Print company in digital printing printing services digital printing. The new Kings Lynn shop will still need this kind of support to raise awareness of new ways to donate items and to drive footfall to the new shops, or even create in store messaging using Print company in pos printing printing services pos printing. Local Print company in printing companies in Kings Lynn printing services printing companies in Kings Lynn often work with local charities to produce this kind of collateral and staff at the new Sue Ryder superstore could consider approaching local Print company in print shops printing services print shops for assistance with printed materials.