Reebok posters too racy for Glasgow

June 2, 2010 by  

Companies offering Print company in poster printing in Glasgow printing services poster printing in Glasgow could be missing out on some business now that Print company in Glasgow printing services Glasgow City Council has vetoed an advertising campaign from Reebok. Reebok’s latest trainer advertisement, which is due to run on billboards in New York, Barcelona, Boston and Madrid has been pronounced ‘too racy’ for Glasgow as it dared to show the word ‘bum’ in print.

The Reebok campaign shows a model with a rather well toned bottom and used the slang word to portray that Reebok’s Easytone running shoes had strong toning benefits for that part of the anatomy. The advertisements were due to be posted across Glasgow’s city cabs as part of their international multi-million pound marketing strategy.

The council’s licensing committee on outdoor advertising on taxis deems that displaying semi nude figures or anything offensive to public taste should be banned from being promoted on the city’s cabs. The advertisements were also deemed to be in danger of causing a distraction to road users. The decision has caused criticism because the advert portrays the benefits of the shoes in a fun and light-hearted way and the objections by the council are felt to be puritanical and smack of double standards as the city council allows lap dancing adverts.

Outdoor advertising can be controversial as advertisements are in the public space. Displaying a message in this space can often provoke a strong reaction – but usually if the subject matter is sensitive or something that divides the public rather than merely a pair of sports shoes!