Premier Paper Group opens new warehouse in Scotland

December 17, 2009 by  

In the first quarter of 2009, Premier Paper Group opened a new 16,000sq ft warehouse in Print company in Glasgow printing services Glasgow, giving customers access to local stock. The company run five dedicated delivery vehicles and the opening of the new warehouse created six new jobs. Premier has a 10 year presence in Scotland but had never had a warehouse or a dedicated delivery fleet.

Premier has worked through a planned withdrawal from GM2. They are now set to run their own logistics company. The warehouse has a 1,000 tonne paper holding capacity is one of 16 warehouses across the country. The new warehouse is an excellent facility for Scottish Print company in printers printing services printers, especially for Print company in printing companies in Glasgow printing services printing companies in Glasgow. It will offer much improved delivery times, with same or next day delivery.

It looks likely that Premier Paper Group will continue to expand its logistics and distribution operations in the future. The company also opened a new branch in Langley, Berkshire in January. PPG’s marketing manager Mr. Dave Jones says the company has not ruled out further expansion. They will look to expand further, he says ‘’ as and when an opportunity presents itself’’

Clearly, Premier is a forward looking business. Efficient supply of stock is particularly important to the print trade, which is very much a deadline driven business. So this is good news for those Print company in printing companies printing services printing companies in Glasgow and, more widely, for other Print company in print companies printing services print companies around the UK.