New logo for Glasgow Underground

May 3, 2010 by  

Print company in Print companies in Glasgow printing services Print companies in Glasgow could be in with a boost for business after a new brand identity for Print company in Glasgow printing services Glasgow Underground has been commissioned. The Glasgow Underground service is over one hundred years old and the SPT has commissioned a new logo as part of a refreshment of the whole underground network. Adopting a new logo will mean making sure that the new design is carried through all print materials, signage and visuals for the Glasgow Underground and that it will tie in with updating the station interiors.

Stand, a design consultancy in Glasgow, has created the new brand identity and it will be adopted throughout the Glasgow service. The consultancy has considered a variety of things in this modernisation of the service by looking at station refurbishment, including lighting and an approach to safety and security issues. The branding also includes a new approach to materials, colours and fonts used in the visual identity whilst also maintaining the essence of a well known brand that already exists.

Creating a new brand for a transport network is a balance of communicating the company’s values and culture but from a practical point of view, it also needs to translate to inside the station and be clear in terms of way-finding for passengers, and serve as an information system so that people can carry out their journeys. Passengers will be able to see the results and judge the success of the new brand identity at Hillhead station first, which has not been updated since the 1970s.