Leaflets warn of vitamin deficiency

October 4, 2010 by  

As a Print company in Glasgow printing services Glasgow company launches its new supplement that can be added to food and drinks to provide a boost of Vitamin D, the Health Secretary, Nicola Sturgeon has announced a new initiative to highlight that people in Scotland are not getting enough of this vitamin. Specialist firms offering Print company in flyer printing in Glasgow printing services flyer printing in Glasgow will have helped launch the initiative as the Health Secretary said that leaflets would be used for this campaign to bring attention to the fact that not getting enough vitamin D from either sunlight or diet can be linked to a number of serious illnesses in the population.

Glasgow company Glasgow Health Solutions has launched Ideal Omega Taste in various flavours with added vitamin D to help people top up their levels. Their launch also comes at a time when statistics have been announced that suggest around 50 per cent of adults in the UK are deficient in this vital vitamin that is considered to help combat a variety of ailments including rickets, MS and cancer, and it is thought that the poster campaign will highlight this.

In contrast to cod liver oil, which has a reputation for not tasting good, Glasgow Health Solutions’ product is sweet and pleasant tasting, and it is hoped that it will be enjoyed even by children. Children under five along with pregnant women and the elderly are thought to be most at risk from vitamin D deficiency along with housebound people who are not getting enough vitamin D from sunlight.