Glasgow printing company selling antique press

April 5, 2010 by  

The Print company in printing printing services printing industry experienced many changes during the industrial revolution. Steam power opened the way for new mechanised press designs and new possibilities for print. Mechanisation continued to develop in the twentieth century and developments in photographic processes continued to influence press design right up until the 1970s, by which time the dry copier market had become well established. Along came the microchip, which changed everything; forever. The digital revolution is still in its early stages.

Many Print company in printing companies in Glasgow printing services printing companies in Glasgow, such as Print company in stationery printers printing services stationery printers and Print company in brochure printers printing services brochure printers, are very much part of the digital age. It is interesting though to look back at the earliest presses and realise just how much printing has changed.

Mr. John Watson OBE, chairman of Print company in Glasgow printing services Glasgow Print company in printing company printing services printing company John Watson & Company Ltd. bought a 188 year old George Clymer Columbian Press in 2006. He had the press beautifully restored by specialist press-rebuilding company Homeward Bound. The old press was prepared, painted and brightened to the mirror-like finish it would have had when built. Mr. Watson said:

“It goes without saying that the press is in magnificent condition, but unfortunately due to constraints on space, the company does not have the room for such a fine example of early 19th century printing. It has been repainted to the exacting colour standards as laid down by George Clymer in 1822 and is a truly magnificent specimen.”

He has put the press up for sale. It would be lovely to see it housed in another Glasgow printing company, rather than being a museum exhibit. It would seem a much more appropriate resting place for her.