Glasgow print company cutting day shift

March 16, 2010 by  

The economic climate is challenging all kinds of businesses in the UK. Print company in Printing companies printing services Printing companies, from small Print company in brochure printers printing services brochure printers to print management firms around Print company in Glasgow printing services Glasgow are all feeling the pinch. Scottish publishing company, D C Thompson & Co is looking to cut up to 45 jobs at its Glasgow print operation.

The Print company in printing company printing services printing company has been in business for over 100 years and outputs more than 200 million magazines and newspapers each year. They are now planning to eliminate the day shift from its Glasgow production site. The company says that the Glasgow operation has been running at less than optimum volumes for some time.

A company spokesman said:

“The company must reduce its costs if it is to be successful in the current economic climate”

D C Thompson & Co employs a total of around 2000 staff and publishes titles such as the Dundee Evening Telegraph and the Sunday Post. They plan to redeploy some staff into other roles within the company and say they are looking for voluntary redundancies, but added that compulsory redundancies cannot be ruled out.

The company operates three sites in Dundee and has facilities in Print company in Manchester printing services Manchester and London as well as its Glasgow operation.

There are many other Print company in printing printing services printing companies having to respond to the effects of economic recession. This is no comfort for the people who loose their jobs, but measures taken to stay in business can at least protect the majority and the company is still there to take advantage of any upturn.