Glasgow Housing Association set to appoint leaflet and brochure printers

May 5, 2011 by  

Print company in Glasgow printing services Glasgow Housing Association is set for a shake-up of how it produces its printed literature for housing tenants; announcing that it intends to review the framework of its flyer, poster and Print company in brochure printers printing services brochure printers, distributors and billing companies.

The housing association currently manages around 52,000 homes across the Glasgow region, with each of these receiving booklets, leaflets and other paper communications each year. Glasgow Housing Association is putting the contract out to tender for a new Print company in printing company printing services printing company, either one located in Glasgow or based elsewhere in the UK. This will be seen as Lot 1 of the Print company in printing printing services printing contract.

Lot 2 of the contract will focus upon the distribution of printed materials and the final section of the contract, Lot 3, will concentrate on billing, statements and other individualised printing. The total contract for all three Lots will be worth up to £900,000 and the contract is expected to generate a significant amount of interest both locally and nationally.

There are several large Print company in printing companies printing services printing companies throughout the region who look likely to pitch for this contract. This could also be good news for smaller flyer and Print company in brochure printers in Glasgow printing services brochure printers in Glasgow as it may mean that as larger companies take on the Glasgow Housing Association contract, their smaller clients may defer to smaller printing companies who can offer Glasgow businesses a bespoke service.

Glasgow Housing Association expect up to 12 companies to pitch for this printing contract and have asked that all expressions of interest are given by 3rd June 2011.