Glasgow besieged by fly posters

November 20, 2010 by  

Print company in Glasgow printing services Glasgow has been targeted by fly posters, which have plastered lamposts around the city’s  busy shopping areas of Buchanan Street and St Enoch Square in the run up to Christmas.

The lamp posters were vandalised with stickers which were said to be displaying bigoted messages which would cause offence just as the city gears up for the major shopping push before Christmas. It’s not known if the people responsible had used poster Print company in printing services in Glasgow printing services printing services in Glasgow itself to produce the stickers.
Christmas is the major retail period for the businesses in the area and the city attracts people who spend in the millions. Council officials criticised the printed stickers and said that, whatever the content of the message, this was simply an act of mindless vandalism and caused the council to spend money, at a difficult economic time, on clearing up this kind of graffiti or fly posting.

The council officials called for the public to help them in their bid to identify who is responsible for acts such as these and pledged that they would punish those found to be committing such acts with a fixed penalty notice, at the very least.

The council drafted in workers to clean up the city centre around St Enoch Square and Buchanan Street in order to protect the image of the city in the face of the increased number of shoppers coming to Glasgow in the run up to Christmas. The stickers were said to display a variety of offensive messages some of which aimed at the police and others depicted fists smashing swastikas.