Brochure printers in Glasgow draw in vessels to Greenock Ocean Terminal

March 6, 2011 by  

The tourism board and local authorities in Print company in Glasgow printing services Glasgow have been working with a local creative design agency in Glasgow to produce a suite of communications to promote Greenock Ocean Terminal as a gateway to the attractions of Glasgow. Maguire’s, the company who came up with the promotional concept, has worked in conjunction with local Print company in brochure printers in Glasgow printing services brochure printers in Glasgow to create a website and brochures communicating the attractions and facilities on offer in the city. Greenock Ocean Terminal attracts over fifty thousand visitors to the port each year and it is the aim of the management of Greenock Ocean Terminal to ensure that people who are arriving in the port are well-informed about what Glasgow has to offer to visitors and tourists.

Brochures have always been an eye-catching and effective way of communicating detailed information about things like tourist attractions and, due to the nature of the way that people will arrive at Greenock Ocean terminal, by ship, they will have had plenty of time to peruse these brochures whilst on board and will be more likely to absorb the information conveyed in the marketing material provided by local Print company in brochure printers printing services brochure printers.

Glasgow is a city with a growing cruise industry and these new brochures invite visitors to ‘cruise Glasgow’ on arrival in the city. Both the management of Greenock Ocean Terminal and the Glasgow tourist board hope that the campaign will inspire those arriving in the city by boat to stay and explore all that Glasgow has to offer.