Book printers’ profits rise despite the threat of e-book popularity

October 7, 2011 by  

Book Print company in printing printing services printing firm St. Ives – the biggest of its kind in the UK- has proved its strengths in the face of a tough market by announcing its annual profits have risen by almost a third.

Despite facing tough competition from the e-books market and devices such as Amazon Kindle, St Ives have managed to generate and extra 28 per cent of profit. The company puts the rise down to extra cost saving measures and the offering of new services.

St Ives has always been a book printer, working with big publishing houses such as Penguin and Harper Collins, but it recently moved into the provision of direct mail and point of sale printing. Print company in Glasgow printing services Glasgow’s branch of St Ives focuses on printing for exhibitions and whilst this may be relevant to some organisations, it will not appeal to all businesses. Lanarkshire is home to companies offering poster, flyer and point of sale (POS) printing, all designed to help Glasgow businesses to sell more and to better engage with customers.

Patrick Martell, the Chief Executive of St. Ives, said:

“The book arm was offsetting lower volumes by offering warehousing and distribution and shorter initial print runs with follow-ups which can include single copy reprints. E-books may have also helped boost the market overall as people are Print company in reading printing services reading more, especially when they travel.”

Stories like this one show that there is still a real appetite for printed material and will give many Print company in printing companies printing services printing companies a much-needed boost of confidence.