All passports are now printed in the UK

April 9, 2012 by  

The decision has been made by the UK’s Identity and Passport Service to print all UK passports within the UK mainland, meaning other territories that currently produce passports for the UK will no longer be required to do so.

It was recently reported on the Government’s Home Office website that the decision had been taken to centralise the Print company in printing printing services printing and distribution of British Passports within the UK. The transition to this new way of working has gradually rolled out since last June, with passports being successfully issued to British citizens across the world, being produced using techniques like Print company in digital printing printing services digital printing. Print company in Glasgow printing services Glasgow, Print company in Liverpool printing services Liverpool and London are all home to UK passport offices that currently issue passports.

Damien Green is the Immigration Minister. He commented on the decision to change the printing and production process for British passports, saying:

“The British passport is one of the most secure documents of its kind in the world. This milestone means IPS customers around the world can be more confident than ever that their passport will be handled safely and delivered to their door via the new secure delivery service. We will continually seek to improve our processes to provide an efficient high quality service to customers.”

The shift in the location for the printing of UK passports has raised some questions with the Guernsey States. Guernsey’s Home Department may choose to question the fact that passport printing will move to the UK due to the fact that currently Guernsey benefits from making money from the production of passports.