Print error offers bargain booze

November 10, 2010 by  

A Print company in print company printing services print company offering Print company in flyer printing in Glasgow printing services flyer printing in Glasgow can probably expect to receive a reprint order from the supermarket giant Tesco after a store in Print company in Glasgow printing services Glasgow sent out leaflets with an incorrect offer to customers. Thousands of shoppers in Glasgow received a leaflet from Tesco intending to offer their customers two bottles of Bailey’s Irish Cream for a deal price of £25. However, it appears that nobody spotted an error with the leaflet design and the alcohol was being offered for £2. Understandably, shoppers flocked to the store hoping to purchase their booze for the bargain price saving themselves up to £28 off the usual costs. However, when arriving at the store, they were faced with posters in the windows acknowledging the error and advising that Tesco would not be honouring the deal.

Shoppers were turned away and were left feeling disappointed and misled by the Tesco leaflet. The leaflets had been originally printed to try to drum up business for the new Tesco store in the Maryhill area of Glasgow but the slip up has caused negative publicity. However, Tesco is not under any legal obligation from trading standards to sell the products at the £2 price advertised and whilst they apologised for the slip up, Tesco advised that customers were told of the Print company in printing printing services printing error before they could get into the store and attempt to make a purchase.

The new store will be open 24 hours a day and Tesco has advised that it has created nearly 150 jobs in the area.