Comic poster auction in Glasgow

April 2, 2012 by  

Two vintage posters were recently auctioned off in Print company in Glasgow printing services Glasgow featuring some of the Nation’s best-loved comic book characters.

Dennis the Menace and Desperate Dan, from children’s comics The Beano and The Dandy respectively, were the characters that featured in two full colour posters that were produced in the 1970s by Dundee-based DC Thompson Comics. These posters had been hidden away in a Dundee storage warehouse in Scotland and were uncovered by a property developer. Mr Jim Wilson, the developer, spoke about his discovery, saying:

“None of us realised how much they were worth and, when I eventually found out, I was gobsmacked. I grew up Print company in reading printing services reading the Dandy and the Beano and I would swap the comics with my brothers. I liked both but if I was pushed I think I would have to say the Beano is my favourite.”

The posters piqued the curiosity of the BBC television programme the Antiques Road show before being auctioned. These posters are extremely large in size – the Beano poster was the largest, measuring 5ft 8in by 3ft 5in, with the Dandy poster measuring in at 4ft 6in by 3ft 3in. These posters had been produced using acrylic paint, quite different from today’s modern Print company in digital printing printing services digital printing.

Glasgow auction house McTear’s sold both the Dandy and Beano posters at auction for a total sum of £2,500. The Dandy poster was thought to be more valuable than the Beano one to collectors bidding at the auction, who paid £1,500 and £1,000 respectively for the posters.