Digital printing on fabrics set to be next big thing

December 29, 2011 by  

Print company in Digital printing printing services Digital printing on fabric is set to experience a spike in demand over the coming months, says a recent report.

The report comes from Scottish-based Print company in printing company printing services printing company. The company have seen a gap in the market when it comes to Print company in printing printing services printing onto fabrics to offer the printing of flags, signs and wall coverings. However, local Print company in print companies in Croydon printing services print companies in Croydon already offer a similar service in the form of Print company in banner printing printing services banner printing as well as offering to print onto more traditional mediums using digital printing techniques.

Print company in Croydon printing services Croydon-based businesses who are looking for innovative new ways of printing should contact their local printing company who can offer bespoke services that can be tailored to the customer needs, something that many other large or internet-based Print company in print companies printing services print companies cannot offer.

The prediction that digital printing onto fabric is going to be the next big thing comes as more customers are asking for this service, and also because the equipment to offer this is now more widely available. Print Week recently reported that the Designjet L26500 from HP would give Print company in print shops in Croydon printing services print shops in Croydon the option to digitally print onto a number of surfaces, not just paper, in wide formats.

People who are looking for an eye-catching form of printing would do well to speak to local Print company in banner printers printing services banner printers in Croydon who will be able to provide a range of high-visibility solutions that are flexible and versatile enough to fit a number of promotional briefs.