Pioneering magazine project fuels the need for digital printing in Cardiff

January 30, 2011 by  

Local Print company in printing companies in Cardiff printing services printing companies in Cardiff are welcoming a new artistic venture that highlights the different uses for Print company in digital printing printing services digital printing. Print company in Cardiff printing services Cardiff students are collaborating with local creatively minded people to produce the Hours Zine, a self-funded magazine that will showcase a range of photographic talent from around the city. The idea for the Zine is that each person involved gets a disposable camera and 24 hours to capture life in Cardiff. This will then be printed and distributed throughout the city. The collective behind the Hours Zine are not the only ones to cotton onto the benefits of digital Print company in printing printing services printing. There are other magazines based in Cardiff, such as Cardiff Life and Buzz Mag – both of which celebrate life and events in south Wales. This latest venture which has something of a do it yourself ethic about it looks set to reach out and stir the creativity of whoever reads it. This could ultimately spur on other collectives or individuals to produce their own magazines.

Local Print company in printing companies printing services printing companies in Cardiff are often able to offer advice and consultancy on how best to produce a magazine or booklet using digital printing. Cardiff Print company in printers printing services printers have significant experience when it comes to Print company in brochure printing printing services brochure printing and because these Print company in print companies printing services print companies are local; they are convenient and accessible and so are a natural choice when it comes to producing small batches of magazines or information booklets. The launch of Hours Zine should see a rise in the interest of self-publication and local printing companies in Cardiff are well equipped to facilitate this.